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Safety Razor (with blades)

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Why use a double edge eco-friendly safety razor?

This is a great addition to your zero waste journey and provides you with the clean shave you are looking for in an eco-friendly way. Plastic safety razors may be able to give you a good shave, but they are bad for the environment.

The safety  razor has an eco-friendly bamboo handle that is water and splinter resistant. Bamboo is biodegradable and the metal which the razor contains can be recycled. This means that  the razor is more friendly to the environment than plastic versions. 

This safety razor comes with five replacement blades. Once a blade is no longer effective, you can use one of the other five blades that are included with the razor. After this, you can buy stainless steel double edge safety razor blades, so that you can carry on having an eco-friendly shave.

How often should you replace a blade in a safety razor?

It's recommended that you replace the blade in your safety razor every 3-5 shaves, if you want your shave to continue being clean.

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